*This model was discontinued in 2013, replaced by our Balance.

2011 – 2013 Canfield Brothers The One

The ability to pedal to the top of your local mountain and ride EVERY jump on the way down has never been more of an option for people! The One excels at not only descending, but also lives for the climbs! This is the best pedaling bike in its class! The ONE suspension creates a seamless transition between pedal efficiency and bump eating performance. The beauty of this bike lies in its simplicity. No knobs or lock out buttons to press on the climbs. Set the rear shock up for the down and start pedaling, The ONE takes care of the climbing for you! Giving you 7 -8” wheel travel while still being light enough to keep up with bikes ½ its travel, The ONE really is the “one” bike to do everything!

  • 7005 Aluminum
  • Ÿ“ONE” suspension
  • Ÿ7“- 8” vertical travel
  • ŸInternally ribbed chainstays
  • 142x12mm (135x12mm with supplied spacers)
  • Ÿ1.5” Headtube
  • Direct mount front derailleur compatible
  • Ÿ20mm max bearings
  • Replaceable rear derailleur hanger

Metric Small Medium Large X-Large
Top Tube Length (Effective) A 559mm 584mm 610mm 629mm
Top Tube Length (Actual) B 539mm 560mm 586mm 606mm
Reach C 391mm 415mm 439mm 457mm
Standover Height D 718mm 731mm 731mm 743mm
Seat Tube Length E 381mm 431.8mm 483mm 508mm
Wheel Base F 1153mm 1179mm 1205mm 1225mm
Head Tube Angle G 65° 65° 65° 65°
Seat Tube Angle (Effective) H 73.6° 73.6° 73.6° 73.6°
Seat Tube Angle (Actual) I 72.2° 72.3° 72.3° 72.2°
Chainstay Length J 442mm 442mm 442mm 442mm
Bottom Bracket Height K 349.25mm 349.25mm 349.25mm 349.25mm
Head Tube length L 100mm 105mmm 110mm 115mm
*Geo based on 565mm axle to crown fork (Fox 180mm 36)
Standard Small Medium Large X-Large
Top Tube Length (Effective) A 22 23 24 24.8
Top Tube Length (Actual) B 22.1 22 23.1 23.9
Reach C 15.39 16.34 17.28 17.99
Standover Height D 28.5 28.8 28.8 29.25
Seat Tube Length E 15 17 19 20
Wheel Base F 45.4 46.4 47.32 48.23
Head Tube Angle G 65° 65° 65° 65°
Seat Tube Angle (Effective) H 73.6° 73.6° 73.6° 73.6°
Seat Tube Angle (Actual) I 72.2° 72.3° 72.3° 72.2°
Chainstay Length J 17.4 17.4 17.4 17.4
Bottom Bracket Height K 13.75 13.75 13.75 13.75
Head Tube length L 3.94 4.13 4.33 4.54
*Geo based on 565mm axle to crown fork (Fox 180mm 36)


    Build Specs

  • ŸCane Creek Double Barrel Air or Coil included
  • Shock Specs – 222mm x 70mm, (22mm x 8mm hardware)
  • Recommend Fork Lengths – 170mm – 200mm
  • ŸHeadset – 1.5” (49.6mm)
  • ŸFront derailleur – Shimano direct mount – top pull/single bolt, or Sram HO series
  • Ÿ73mm BB Shell
  • ŸSeatpost – 30.9mm
  • ŸSeatpost clamp – 35mm
  • ŸISCG OLD tabs
  • ŸIS brake mount

Cane Creek Base Tunes

Headset Guide

You will need to know if you are running a straight or tapered steerer fork. If you are running a straight, you will need the 30mm crown race. If you are running a tapered, you will need the 40mm crown race.

Below are examples of Cane Creek 110 headsets from

Cane Creek 110 Zero Stack Straight Steerer:
DC-1536 ZS49/28.6|ZS49/30 8mm/4mm black 96g

Cane Creek 110 External Cup Tapered Steerer:
This will slightly slacken your headangle and raise your BB:
Upper – DC-1604 ZS49/28.6
Lower – DC-1619 EC49/40

2013 The ONE Owner’s Manual


“I feel like Canfield has made a bike that is as good as the best, then given it something special (locking suspension) that puts it above and beyond the rest. For those who have always been unsure of buying a more DH oriented bike let your worries go. I always thought I would be sacrificing something I loved by not being able to climb and ride some of the things I used to ride by getting a bike with so much suspension. I couldn’t have been more wrong. Everything I loved was enhanced. I gained more than I thought in every aspect of riding. I hardly dare ride the bikes I used to ride because they feel so awkward and lacking.  All the years I wasted by listening to what other people assumed about bigger travel bikes is maddening.  This bike really is that good.

Pedaling is excellent. Geometry is spot on for the entire spectrum. Due to the locking rear suspension in climbs far better than any xc, all-mountain, enduro, or FR bike I’ve been on. Supple, plush, and fluid suspension descends as good as the best DH bikes out there. It is as smooth as the specialized demo 8. (The only DH bike that I’ve tried with superior feeling suspension is the Canfield Jedi). Stable in the air. Built like a tank, it is very stiff. Corners like mad. Customer service is top notch.”

-Dayne Grant, Colorado

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